Demon Dean’s Soul

The twisted soul of the demon fights for his life in Soul Survivor. Forced into the bunker, and pushed to the limits with human blood pumped into his arm. The Demon escapes and then stands and fights.

Soul Survivor was directed by Jensen Ackles, switching from actor to director must have been a grueling task.


If this is how the disease looks like, then I like the disease.





This *points to the pix* is the Supernatural crew being so cool and Jensen Ackles being a very cool uncle.

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The MOC Will Feed



Crowley does his best to keep the MOC fed, but I don’t think the demon enjoys being fed. I think the demon wants to hunt…just like Dean Winchester.

Demon Dean’s eyes are so pretty. Hehehe…it’s probably because they’re still Jensen’s eyes. 🙂

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Let the Demon Free!



Sex, drink, and a whole lot of singing going on. The sexy demon spent a lot of time singing and playing bromance with Crowley.


He’s my best friend, my partner in crime. They’ll write songs about us, graphic novels: The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel. Dean Winchester completes me.


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Worship Demon Dean


Season 10 of Supernatural can’t come sooner? Why not? I need this story to happen. I think so many of us fans willed it to happen. With the death of Dean Winchester, a new being was resurrected from the aftermath. Demon Dean Winchester.

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75993_677791068943818_1453128097_n (1)


I think this is the myth arc some of us fans have been waiting for.

What is the blade whispering into Dean Winchester’s head?

Jensen Ackles’ delivery has been deliciously brilliant all season long. What will become of Dean Winchester when he fully accepts the power of the Mark of Cain and the blade.

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The Golden Ratio

Despite what some might think of me, Dean Winchester isn’t my religion because Jensen Ackles is beautiful. I do think Jensen is beautiful…just have some fun with that; and the “golden ratio” hasn’t looked this gorgeous in a long time, but Ackles has proven to be the most consistent actor on Supernatural. 

Dean Winchester is a flawed and tragic character who constantly ruins his life to save others. Dean has risked his soul and sanity to save his brother, friends, and the world.

Although Supernatural is full of heroes, Dean Winchester is my hero and my religion.


images (6)


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PCA 2014: Favorite TV Bromance: Sam, Dean, and Castiel

I still don’t know how Supernatural lost to Beauty and the Beast for favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy show. I haven’t seen an episode of Beauty and the Beast either, so I really don’t know anything about it.

Congrats to Sam, Dean, and Castiel. It’s well deserved.




Does this mean all three guys get a trophy?

Have a good day 🙂

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